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Shopping centres in Singapore

Singapore is filled with different kinds of activities for adults and kids alike, reason why there is a great boost in their tourism industry.  They are most famous for their food and shopping avenues – no wonder why Singapore has several world-class shopping centres.

To name a few, here are 3 of the top shopping centres in Singapore:

1. The Ion Orchard
Located at the end of Orchard Road, this stylish architectural wonder is Singapore’s most glamorous shopping complex for high spending customers and celebrities.

2. Mustafa Centre
The Mustafa Centre offers designer products at a low price – from textiles to watches and electronics sale.  This shopping centre is open 24 hours.

3. The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
This is a one-of-a-kind shipping complex.  It not only has a casino, indoor skating rink, Venetian gandolas but it also has a rooftop overlooking the Marina Bay skyline.  This is one shopping centre your family sure will enjoy.

The NEED for shopping centre security

3 essential reasons why shopping centre security is essential
Deter trespassers

People who go to shopping centres go there to shop, unwind and have fun.  So having rowdy people inside these shopping centres can really be annoying.  Nobody wants to shop or stay in places where they feel unsafe.  Removal of any unwanted persons who poses a great threat to anybody inside the shopping centres is the responsibility of the securities personnel.  This includes intoxicated people, aggressive panhandlers and obnoxious persons who are causing a disturbance.

Prevent crime

Shopping centres are sometimes packed with people either shopping, doing their groceries or just simply do window shopping.  There are also times that shopping centres hold events where it can be jam-packed with people and can be very crowded at times.  With this, it is also a venue for crimes like pickpocketing, purse snatching, and in some cases, robberies and even kidnapping.  Having security personnel around can monitor activities and can keep an eye on suspicious-looking individuals.

Maintain order and crowd management

With the large number of people coming in and out of shopping centres, it is important that there are security personnel monitoring the comings and goings of people.  They must make sure that proper entrance and exit procedures are observed to avoid people from pushing and shoving other customers.  They must ensure that daily operations will run smoothly allowing customers to enjoy the best shopping experience.

What our security guards do in shopping centre settings

Assists Guests

In order for customers to enjoy their shopping experience, security guards should be able to assist guests and customers in case they need help with something, like ask for directions, guiding them where the comfort rooms are, etc.  They should also guide customers follow proper entrance and exits so that people may go in and out of the shopping centres in an orderly manner.

Overseeing mall transactions

Shopping centres usually consists of different establishments all on in one place.  With the different stalls and establishments in malls, it is hard to keep track of the transactions going on in every counter.  It is the responsibility of these security guards to check for any illegal transactions happening inside the shopping centres and to report anything that is out of the ordinary.

Thorough Inspection upon Entry and exit

Security personnel must check and inspect the people coming in and out of the shopping centres.  They need to check if they are bringing guns, or other dangerous materials that could possibly harm anyone inside these shopping centres.  While metal detectors are helpful, checking and inspecting thoroughly can still be really beneficial especially for those that cannot be detected by these metal detectors.  This goes the same for people exiting the establishment.  Thorough inspection must still be done to check for stolen items.

3 Reasons why we provide the best service

Attention to detail

Our security guards has very keen eye on details.  We make sure that everything is being looked into and that nothing will get past security.  Any suspicious activity or persons are closely monitored to avoid possible threats to customers.

24-hour supervision

We do close monitoring with our personnel to ensure quality service and client satisfaction.  To ensure that guards are in their respective posts, guards have wireless time clocks installed.  Aside from time clocks, random check-ups done by supervisors are done for close monitoring.  In cases of dissatisfaction, we can immediately replace the officer assigned to your post.

Quick response

Security is not something we take lightly.  We always keep in mind that your safety is always our number one priority.  With this, all our security guards went through proper and extensive training to enable them to perform their tasks effectively.  During their training, we make sure that we are able to tackle on being able to respond immediately in cases of emergency and that they have the right skills when the need arise.

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