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Condo Security
Condo Security Services

Condo security is the hallmark of the condominium experience that is so sought after in Singapore. Condominium security is essential in deterring unwanted guests, as our trained security guards execute planned screening processes to detect and block guests who attempt to gain access to the condominium without approval from the tenant. Given that night time is the favorite time for criminals to strike, night security also forms an indispensable part of the execution strategy. This is key in preventing various crimes and is the main reason why condominiums are a luxury and desirable home for many in Singapore.

Hotel Security Services

Hotels are a hotbed for all guests who are coming here, regardless of their purpose in visiting. Visitors come for a large range of reasons, from the casual holidays to the formal business meetings. Hotel security is vital to giving such guests the safety and comfort they deserve. This is especially important when the guests could be of high profile, very frequent in five-star hotels. With the type of guests hotel try to attract, it is a requirement that they should have an in-depth session with a security consultancy to ensure the safety of their guests, in order to start building a brand name for themselves.

event singapore
Event Security Deployment

Events are a part and parcel of entertainment and business in Singapore. Because they serve a wide range of purposes and are primarily meant to bring large crowds of people in unison for a specific aim, these events could easily become a prime target for opportune criminals. It is tough to spot a suspicious person in the crowd, hence, our trained security will be screening potential participants for a valid entry pass, such as in Tradeshow security.Due to the large number of people involved, crowd control becomes a key tool in the management of security processes. As such, event security at all types of events big or small is vital for its smooth running.

shopping centre
Shopping Centre Security

Shopping centres are a trademark of the hustle and bustle of the Singapore city life. In fact, shopping centers are the most frequent places where people, not just Singaporeans, hang out, be it for entertainment, meals or just shopping for their supplies. However, this is a place that has limited opening hours, and no one should be allowed in unsupervised after its operating hours. Full of private property and goods, sound and strict security processes should be put in place to ensure that there are no trespassers after hours, in addition to the typical duties such as ensuring of order during the day, such as in crowd control measures.

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Our Three Step deployment planning process

Discussion and Assessment

We are aware of what you need. With our vast experience in this industry, we are confident that we are able to discuss with you your concerns and detail to you solutions that will firstly give you an idea about how the guard services will be carried out. We emphasize that there should be constant feedback between you and us - to give you that peace of mind, we are prepared to schedule as many meetings as required to answer your doubts. We believe that the key to creating a security plan that can be agreed on by both sides are contingent on the success of communication.

security guard
Planning and Execution

For starters, we would love to know the site well before we further refine the security plan. Given the importance of the layout and features of the place, the team will schedule with you a site visit for the area as soon as the area is ready for viewing. Floor plans can only give the team so much information - there may be other things that we may pick up on during the site review, such as crowd volume, crowding tendencies and exit accessibility, based on which we will tweak our building security plan on. The site survey will solidify our planning on the number of manpower and shifts required, which will be the most essential portion of the security plan. Hence, we give the final site survey heavy importance, and is a must to conduct.

security planning singapore
Follow-up and Monitoring

We believe that we sell an experience to all our customers. While we are implementing a security plan, we still adopt a data driven approach to optimize and sharpen our security processes. Pridwen security emphasizes the use of analysis to pick out specific behaviors of the crowd and our security, such as patrolling patterns and crowd congregation patterns. These data is in turn used to determine how resources are used and where more guards should be deployed at any part of the day based on changes in these data over time. You can be sure that Pridwen Security is at the peak of adaptability; we will change and tweak our security solutions based on the environment that we are placed in.

security management singapore
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The PRidwen security difference

Conventional Security Management PROBLEMS


Conventional security guard services are reactive in nature. More specifically, security services are usually implemented with the expectation that nothing much else would happen, and function mostly like an insurance, reacting only when incidents have been reported. We believe that this is not a functional and sustainable way of executing security processes.

Limited Scope

Conventional security management solutions are limited in terms of their scopes. Some believe that the provision of manpower is enough, or the suggestions of plans are enough. Upon implementation, they have their plans run automatically. Upon this, there will be no more further adjustment and improvement of plans based on the situation.


Typical security management solutions are mass-produced. While it appears to be a blessing to all others who are looking for a tried and tested security solution, it should be recognised that the same security plan does not work effectively for every single different situation. The solution does not pay attention to the nuances present in different situations.

Pridwen Integrated Security Management (ISM) SOLUTIONS


Pridwen ISM is a process from the start to the finish. It does not only educate its personnel on what to do when an incident has happened or just been reported, The process is designed to deter or spot potential threats even before they have the chance to strike, and to eliminate them completely. We promise to keep you personally protected at all times.


Pridwen security solutions are present always for your peace of mind. We do not just cover the planning and execution of the security plan, we also implement data analysis to improve our plans constantly, to ensure loopholes uncovered are plugged on the go. We strive to improve our systems constantly, to provide the best services to our clients.


Pridwen ISM pledges to pay personal attention to you as a client. From the start, our experiences in security management informs us that each different type of location requires a set of personalized plans depending on needs and concerns of the event or premise owner. This is especially prevalent in personal protection plans, such as in executive security.

pridwen security - your premier security partner

Experienced Security Guards

All our hired personnel have been put through the WSQ courses that are required by the Singapore Police Force. Our security guards have been put through rigorous training under the watchful eye of our supervisors and are guaranteed to be more than qualified to give advice or be in direct involvement with operations. Our security guards know best when to be on the move, or to be ready to strike on the perimeter.

Wealth of knowledge

Pridwen security's integration solutions are condensed through years of experience from our security planners and managers. These personnel have been through many types of security events and niches over the years, and as such, have the experience and wiseness to advise anyone about the weaknesses and strengths of their current ideas of a security plan. They are most helpful in the evaluation of the feasibility and limitations of your security plan. Stricter areas require stricter plans, much like those in hospital security.

Complete package

As a integrated solutions provider, you may leave it to us to cover everything for you. We install security card systems, we put on CCTVs, we train manpower, we implement duty systems to monitor and patrol - you name it. We understand that security services should not be given in parts due to its synergistic nature. Hence, as top security consultants, we will analyse the situation and recommend situations down to every detail - and solve your problems for you when you sleep, or when your guests are having their fun,

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