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Events in Singapore

Regardless of the type of events held, the provision of precise event safety and security management is of utmost importance in the sound pre-planning of the event. There are many factors to consider in the planning of an event, such as the number of exits the place possesses, number of people attending the event, and even the stature of the attendees to your event. Hence, as an event planner, you might want to pay more attention to security in special events or private events, as the lapses in security might be more numerous than you think. You should always have capable security guards waiting in the wings. Thinking about special event security may be your only way of ensuring your guests’ safety and peace of mind during your private event. For all cases, private event security, especially for large scale ones, might be of utmost importance.

The NEED for event security

Reasons why lack of event security could be devastating

If people can come and go freely into and out of an event without the boundaries and limits being drawn, the risk of your private event being disrupted, either due to sabotage, unwanted actions or uninvited strangers are high. Chances are, event planners should minimize all risks that would risk the interruption of their event. For the smooth execution of their event, private event planners should consider lowering their own risks by getting a security agency to assist them in drawing area boundaries and entering limitations.

Bodily harm

Some attackers have been known to get into events without much restriction, and then easily execute their own plan to harm a specific target, or people in general. Such threats, while rare in most circumstances, are entirely possible, and very real. There has been much examples of these cases happening recently, and all event planners, no matter private or public, should take the effort to guard against such a possibility. The best and most direct way of expressing care for your guest is to ensure that the event security plan is robust and executed properly.

Reputational damage

No one wants their events to be canceled, interrupted or stopped suddenly due to the lack of security measures and event security planning. No matter if it is a private or special event, interruptions, or even bodily harm caused due to a lack of security measures are highly damaging to the host or planners’ reputation and social standing. Especially for events that involve socialites and people of clout, the event planner risks greatly his own social stature in the execution of any of his planned events. While the rewards are high in execution of the events, he also takes a great risk should the event fail. Hence, the presence of an event security company greatly insures the event planner against such a risk. Given the potentially catastrophic damages to his reputation, any event planner should take great care in engaging an event security company in the drafting of a thorough security plan before the event kickoff.

How we plan for your events

Questions to answer

In hiring event security companies, you should expect your event security agency to answer these five questions:

1. How many people am I expected to see being deployed? How is this justified over the size of the event?
2. How many exits are being covered?
3. Do I need to restrict access to my event location? How is this being done?
4. If a troublemaker does manage to get into my event location, will there be extra manpower deployed to handle the situation onsite, without compromising any of my event security at other locations?
5. How is the security plan specifically tailored to the type of my private special event?

The above are five basic questions that all event security plans should answer. Do keep in mind that the above list is non-exhaustive, and it takes far more than the above to ensure a rigorous event security plan. However, if the security plan does not at least answer the five questions above, alarm bells should start ringing.


You should see a fully detailed plan marking the exits and entrances, manpower deployment, use of devices, or any other form of entry hazards for the unwanted guests. While the security consultant can be the one controlling the security plan, as the product client, you should also be fully aware of how and why your plan is being executed the way it is directed. We make it a point to do a full briefing with you every time a meeting is requested.

Scan for risk of overcomplication

Event security for special, private or commercial events are crucial in its smooth execution. As a word of advice, the planning for the security procedure should be initiated at least one to two months prior to the event to ensure that both parties agree on the event security plan. You should always check that the plan presented to you does not overload the bureaucracy of the event process, as it may backfire. Do work closely together with the security agency in drafting the complete event security plan, as it is your insurance and your lifeline.

3 Qualities that we embody

It's the small things

Our planning for events has always depended on the details on how and where the event will be taking place. Different events require different thinking and circumstances to plan for. Last thing we wish to have is for the event and security plans to clash, adding to the pain points of your own operations. We take the effort to understand your event, to make yours a smooth execution, together with ours.

Keep up to date

We schedule meetings with you frequently to tell you what we have been up to - because we believe that you have the right to and should know what is going on behind the scenes. We take accountability very seriously, because no one knows about your events better than you do. We want you to talk to us, so that we know if you have any questions about our plan and how it fits in with yours nicely.

Right personnel

We take a strict stand when we select the people that are willing and able to do the work for you. Interested in nothing but selecting the top talent in the execution of security plans, we also invest resources and time to train our personnel in our work processes, and conduct dry runs to ensure that all onboarded personnel are rehearsed in the case of emergencies. This ensures that the people that are on your event are able to take on security threats when called upon.

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