Emergency Situations: What do the Security Guards do?

Emergency Situations: What do the Security Guards do

We often hear and read in newspapers, television, radio,  and social media sites about people being involved in an accident, sudden medical issues, and getting robbed – these are all unexpected incontrollable occurrences.  Emergencies and accidents can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere.  Kids and grown-ups alike are prone to these and a reason why everybody needs to observe and follow certain safety precautions. This can help prevent injuring one’s self and others, or worse, getting killed. 

Safety and security are two important things that one must take into consideration and must be the number one priority whether at home, in the workplace, in schools and other public or private places.  Knowing that you are safe gives you the understanding that you are free from physical and emotional harm. While security on the other hand, is the idea that you are free from any threat or danger.  Together, both Security and safety can affect an individual’s well-being.  If a person does not feel safe and secure, this can cause him/her to be less productive compared to a person who feels otherwise.

Security guards and personnel pose a very important role when talking about one’s safety and security due to the many cases of accidents, burglaries, killings and other emergency situations being reported nowadays.  Having security guards in the vicinity gives individuals a sense of calm and relaxed atmosphere, as well as making them feel safe and protected. Having a personal security system around the premises most especially to public and private establishment has become mandatory in order to provide a first line of defense against attackers.

A security guard’s job is no walk in the park.  Not only that it is risky, it is also very exhausting as it requires them to work longer shift hours – 12 hours the least, and they are also asked to work at night.  They are in charge in protecting property, assets and people.  While police officers and law enforcements are in charge in responding to crime and violence, a security guard’s task is more on the preventive side.  They deter crime and watch out for any danger and report any crime they may encounter.  In other words, their main objective is to prevent crimes from even happening.

For them to fulfill their objectives, they must perform certain duties.  One of which is to be clearly be visible.  By being physically present and visible, this would scare off criminals and gives that intimating factor that steer away unwanted visitors. There is that certain aura by policemen for example that commands authority to be in line with community policies and national laws. And their uniform with their badges does help a lot in the whole persona as law enforcers.

Some would say life isn’t always predictable.  And no matter how hard you protect yourself or how diligent you are in following safety precautions, accidents and life-threatening emergency situations can still happen.  When these things happen, it is always good to know what you should and shouldn’t do as well as have someone who will be able to come to your aid immediately. And this is where security personnel in the form of security guards play a crucial role in strengthening national security. Security during emergencies is one of the best ways to check if your security contractor is ready for the threat ahead.

April 6, 2017

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Emergency Situations: What do the Security Guards do?

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