What you should know about Security

What you should know about security

Security basically forms a partition between attackers and defenders for people in different platforms. To put it into layman’s terms it can be best defined through the idea that: it gives us the confidence to sleep soundly at night, lives are being protected, and properties are not taken away from us unwillingly. By definition, the word literally is referring to the freedom against harm coming from external forces. Security management is a complex concept that is yet to be accepted by most organizations.

Before understanding the different types of security, it is important to know the basic concept of security. The thing that impedes security is the external attacks that come in a lot of form. These attacks may affect a person physically, damage a property, or undermine reputation of an organization. Another aspect that should be examined is the motives behind these occurrences. A lot of crimes are driven by different intentions like money, revenge and political intentions. Another side of the coin entails the protection or the security measures that should be done in order to create a barrier in preventing these types of bouts from happening.

There is a lot at stake when security is not protected or is hampered in the process. In business sectors and facilities, security takes a toll when sensitive information is hacked from their system. One of the most vulnerable sources of information are computers where most of corporate files are now being stored. Cyber security is a whole another platform that requires a different approach. As hackers are now getting smarter, the risk of laying out sensitive information becomes easier for them to access. Everything is now wired in the internet and slowly departing from local storage to cloud storage that makes it more accessible for anyone if ever network security is tenuous. This is where security engineering takes place, to ensure that protecting companies from this threats by creating safer and dependable networks.

Personal security is another thing when you talk about the welfare of human life and safety. It can mean harm that causes literal physical injury that includes emotional harm that needs awareness of its potential. In order to prevent personal risks, being able to understand the motivations behind a potential attack is important to prevent it from happening. The motives may include monetary reasons, revenge or anger.

Security system is perceived not perfect and there are a lot of obstacles that it has undertaken over the years. Two of these are the flawed perceptions of the field and the lack of a well-structured practice to give quality practice. Not having a full understanding of the situation can lead to vulnerabilities that often need using our common sense. Even the simple things like walking in a dark alley at night or having a weak lock system in your homes is already considered a bad practice of personal security. A well-structured practice of protection entails giving the attacker a difficult defense to invade. Another thing is to do pre-emptive attack by having that intuition by attacking first before an enemy does.

The factors and different aspects of security discussed in the beginning of the article, if not properly implemented and followed, will result to a weakened form of security. Understanding the basics of security, understanding the attackers and its motives are all important to strengthen the whole process. In general, security equals protection. All aspects are susceptible to attacks and the only way to prevent this is proper response and making prep-emptive attacks against them. The best way of protecting yourself is to know about how security works. Come learn and know our Pridwen Security Measures!


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