Undesirable situations: Bodyguard Actions

Undesirable Situations: How our Body Guards Defend You


If we live in a fictional world, wouldn’t it be a dream to have superheroes flying around and be there to rescue you in times of trouble? Well that would be wishful thinking but isn’t too far from impossible.  Crimes and violence shows no signs of slowing down most especially to people of high profiles like celebrities, business executives, and famous political holders. Having a body guard gives you that feeling of assurance that your surroundings are kept safe and you protected. They may come in a hefty price but having one’s life protected is worth investing on, through our Pridwen Guard.

What our body guards can do for you

Our services are able to provide you with only the best and equipped set of bodyguards.  We make sure that they possess the qualities to be able to protect you in ways possible for every situation. Having a good sense of work ethic and communication skills is a perfect base for personal security. How are we able to protect you in certain situations?

Family protection. If you are in an environment where crime is rampant and you no longer feel safe, then hiring security personnel to guard you is a necessity. You are not only trying to protect yourself but the welfare of your entire family. People of high profiles like politicians are not the only one exposed to the limelight of fame but includes the rest of the family. It has been in the news of how having these people of high profiles impose risks to the people connected with them. Whether you are a high profile personality or not, taking extra precaution is never a bad thing and it’s a positive way of assessing your current situation.

Critical Assessment of Situation. Body guards are hawk-eyed when approaching every place that you go. Determining the risks that may arise and anticipating the things that could happen in order to act upon it when it actually happens. Certain factors are considered during assessment like the location and the individual you interact with to give you a heads up on the level of safety in a situation. Never underestimate the extent of research that our guards put in our security service. All areas are extensively done like route of transportation, personal schedule evaluation and location risks. Every detail is carefully taken in full consideration as we do not want unexpected incidence to happen

They are very good defendants. During real situations of possible attacks, worrying is not necessary as our well-trained security personnel can face any challenge that may arise. They underwent rigorous training not just to protect our clients but themselves as well. Our company invests on the latest protective equipment and gadgets that can further help in the surveillance process of an area. Another great quality that they have is the ability to determine people’s motives. Having that instinct of body language and human psychology easily helps them predict actions people may do during an interaction. Decoding actions is part of our security program to better defend you in ways you can’t imagine.

More than just protection. Our services go beyond the traditional way of personal security. On the times when safeguarding your surroundings is not much of a need, our body guards can extend their hands on helping you with other tasks. They can run errands, drive, or can double as your personal assistant. All of our staff has signed a confidentiality clause to keep all sensitive information about you in tightened secrecy. In that way, you are able to do your every move naturally without having to be worried about a total stranger following you around. This entails getting the best out of what you really paid for in the long-run.






April 6, 2017

Undesirable situations: Bodyguard Actions

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